Warranty for the Wave H2O Waterproof mp3

Warranty on the Waterproof Wave H2O mp3 Player

Jlab offers a one year limited warranty on the Wave H2O.  Because of the highrisk of user error (usually forgetting to seal the USB port cover before getting the Wave wet), as well as testing and replacement costs, Jlab charges a $20 replacement fee on all warranty replacements.  This allows Jlab to offer the widest and best warranty protection for all Wave H2O customers.  In other words, Jlab will replace your Wave H2O surf mp3 player if you break it within the first year for a $20 fee.  Not bad, not bad at all.

Register your Waterproof mp3 player

Be sure to register your Wave H2O waterproof mp3 player within 30 days to take advantage of the one year limited warranty.  Simply go to Jlab’s website to register your product.

Read the Wave Waterproof mp3 Manual

Be sure to completely read the manual in order to properly use your waterproof mp3 player.  Failure to follow directions could void your warranty.  The most important part is: DO NOT FORGET TO REPLACE THE USB PORT COVER BEFORE GETTING IT WET