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Finally an MP3 Player for Surfing!

Do you remember the feeling that first time you added music to your snowboarding, skateboarding, or whatever other sport you enjoy? For years surfers have waited for the technology to add music into their surfing sessions and now they can with the best mp3 player for surf on the market, The Wave H2O.

Surfing Friendly

The Wave H2O is durable, lightweight, and uses no wires or arm bands to get tangled, torn, or rash up your armpit! Add our recommended neck leash to ensure your tunes are never lost! Truly perfect for the surfer looking to confidently add tunes to his or her session with a waterproof mp3 player.

Easy to Use

While in the water, you can adjust the volume, skip or go back a song, pause, or simply let The Wave H2O shuffle through your playlist. Adding or deleting new songs is as easy as dragging and dropping files with your laptop. Incredibly easy and fast! Find out how this surfing mp3 works and get your groove on in the H2O ASAP.

Watch Video

YouTube Video

Watch this video to check out The Wave H2O living up to its name in the surf. Our field testers had a blast tearing up the waves with these waterproof mp3 players while surfing. Surfing with music definitely adds to the experience...of course they are all now loyal customers of the Wave H2O. Order your surfing mp3 player today!

The Best Waterproof Mp3 for Surf in the Ocean

How many times do you sit out in the ocean and wait for waves, trying to hum or whistle tunes to yourself to pass the time, wishing you had your music?  Now you can.  The Wave H2O is the surfers’ solution for adding music to tearing it up in the ocean’s waves.   There are a few surf mp3 players out there claiming to be good for surfing, but the Wave H2O’s design, usability, endurance, and sound quality blow them all out of the water!  This is THE PERFECT surf mp3 around, guarantee.  Order your surfing mp3 today from Jlab Audio and get hooked up with music in the lineup ASAP!

This Surf MP3 Player Will Change Your Surfing Forever

Take your music out into the water with the revolutionary waterproof surf mp3 player that is perfect for surfers.  The Wave H2O’s is 100% submersible for any length of time and has been given an IP Waterproof rating of IPX8, the highest in the system.  With 2GB of storage (400-600 songs) and a 10 hour battery life, the Wave H2O will definitely out last you in the ocean, and back you up in case you forget to charge it for the next morning’s surf session.  All of this combined with a “no-wires” design and incredible durability make it a MUST HAVE for any surfer out there.  Jlab Audio even offers a one year waterproof mp3 warranty!

Keep it Tight With Our Recommended Neck Leash for Ocean Surfing

Purchase this neck leash to make sure your Wave H2O doesn’t get lost in the surf.  With this mp3 neck leash you can surf, wipe-out, and duck dive as much as you need to without worrying about this waterproof mp3 player.  We highly recommend purchasing this through Amazon by going to our Order page and clicking the neck leash link.